Get Around Semarang

By mini bus/bus

There are plenty of mini buses (locally called angkot/daihatsu) and medium-sized buses called Damri in the city. These mini buses go to different destinations as follows:

  • Damri No.1 Route: Terboyo-Banyumanik. Fare: Rp.6,000
  • Damri No.2 Route: Terboyo-Mangkang. Fare: Rp.4,500
  • Damri No.5 Route: Johar-Kompleks Perumnas. Rp.5,000

Since 2008 Dishub Pemda Semarang operating Damri air con for Rp 5,000

The active corridors of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) or called as Trans Semarang are:

  • Corridor I: Penggaron-Mangkang (Red Line)
  • Corridor II Pudakpayung-Terboyo (Grey line)

Fare: Rp. 3500, students: Rp. 2000

The other planned routes are:

  • Corridor III Tembalang-Terboyo (Lime line)
  • Corridor IV Banyumanik-Tanjung (Yellow Line)
  • Corridor V Penggaron-Terboyo (Orange Line)
  • Corridor VI Bandara A Yani-Terboyo (Pink line)

The mini bus has the route travelled written on the top-front of the bus. The route normally written in the form of ‘origin-destination’ and sometimes with ‘ VIA ‘ information if there is more than 1 mini bus with the same origin-destination but through a different route or path in between.

For example: Daihatsu Johar-Sampangan, means the origin is from Johar terminal and going to Sampangan and vice-versa. The fares for the mini-bus is around Rp.2000-3000.

Some popular places in Semarang that can be reached by mini bus/bus are:

  • Pasar Johar, you need to board Daihatsu with the route Johar-Sampangan.
  • ADA Siliwangi Supermarket, you need to board Daihatsu with the route PRPP-Klipang
  • Tawang Train Station, Damri No.1 Terboyo-Banyumanik.
  • Poncol Station, Daihatsu Semarang-Salatiga.
  • Terboyo Bus Terminal, Damri No.1 or Damri No.2.
  • Undip (Diponegoro University), Damri No.1 or Damri No.5.

Make sure you ask the conductor/driver of the minibus before you board, for the route it goes and whether it goes to the place YOU want to go.

By taxi

Taxis are safe and comfortable – yet you have to stay alert, and reasonably priced (starting price, Rp5000). Recommended Taxi : Blue Bird, a bit expensive but has better reputation than other taxi companies.

Make sure you understand the route or ask a friend. Make sure the driver uses the meter (“argo”). If he refuses to use the meter, use another taxi. List of taxi companies:

  • Astria (jl pemuda), Jl Jatisari 1, Semarang 50235 (jl terboyo), + 62-24-7460940.
  • Centris Multipersada, Jl Majapahit 583, + 62-24-6723624.
  • Kosti, Jl Pamularsih 15, Semarang 50148, + 62-24-7613333.  
  • Pandu Persada Saranamukti, Jl Kaligawe Km 4/46,+ 62-24-6591234.
  • Puri Kencana, jl raya pemuda (trminal),+ 62-24-6705050.  

By car

Fuel for your car (if you rent a car) Petrol is available in 3 different choices, “Premium”, “Pertamax” and “Pertamax Plus” for petrole fueled vehicles and “Solar” for diesel powered vehicles. Fueling is not a self service here, you can not dispense fuel yourself. The petrol station have their own employees who will fill-up for you and then pay them for the fuel. Rent Car Company like Central Java Transporter, +6285225993574

Rent A Car

Or you can rent a car, you can choose the most convenient car for get around.

List of Rent Car companies :

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